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Responsible Broking

At MediaBlanket Ltd we strive to ensure responsive, transparent customer service and an enjoyable application experience. As a broker, we have instituted policies designed to clarify the lending process and direct customers to the appropriate authority when questions or concerns arise.

Collection Policies

MediaBlanket Ltd does not engage in collection practices. Your lender will contact you by e-mail, telephone, and / or post to describe and arrange your payment schedule. This will be outlined in your pre-contract information and any signed Credit Agreement, too. Please contact your lender to discuss their collection process, as lender collection policies vary.


If you wish to renew, or roll over, an existing loan, please contact your lender directly before your payment is due. Although some lenders may offer you a loan renewal on the same terms as your original loan, each lender’s renewal policy is different, and renewals might incur additional fees or interest. Under certain circumstances, renewals may be automatic. Please weigh the decision to renew an existing loan heavily and consider consulting with independent financial counsel before renewing your loan.


Please see other sections, such as FAQs, for more detailed information about us and the products we can broker.