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Are you eyeing a van but held back by bad credit worries? At AutoDosh, we specialise in making van dreams a reality, regardless of your credit history. Our tailored bad credit van finance solutions are designed to guide you toward owning a reliable van without the stress of past financial setbacks.

Understanding Bad Credit Van Finance

Bad credit van finance involves borrowing money to purchase a new or used van, repaid through monthly instalments over an agreed period. If you're concerned about a poor credit score due to missed payments, CCJs, defaults, or other financial challenges, we're here to help.

Can You Get Van Finance with Bad Credit?

Absolutely. We understand the importance of having a trustworthy van, whether for personal or business use. Even if your credit history includes CCJs or IVAs, our specialised services cater to your van finance needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Bad Credit Van Finance

To kickstart your van finance journey, you'll need to meet some basic criteria:

We finance vans meeting specific criteria:

  • Priced between £4,000-£35,000.
  • Less than 125,000 miles and no more than 12 years old by the end of the agreement.
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    Monthly earnings over £1,000 (after tax)

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    Age between 20 and 75.

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    Possession of a full valid UK driving licence

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    Proof of income for at least two consecutive months

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Applying for Bad Credit Van Finance

Our application process begins with a soft search, ensuring your credit score remains unaffected. Once you've determined the borrowing amount and duration, applying for bad credit van finance with us is straightforward.

We conduct a hard search only upon your selection of the desired van and your decision to proceed with an agreement.

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What to Expect from Your Van Finance

Our finance calculator provides a glimpse of your potential van finance agreement, including estimated monthly payments, total repayment, and representative APR. This transparency enables you to plan your finances accordingly.

Understanding Conditional Sale Van Finance

Our Conditional Sale agreement allows you to be the registered keeper of the van while making regular payments. Once the final payment is made, you become the legal owner without hefty upfront or end-of-agreement payments.

Navigating Van Finance with No Guarantor or Deposit

While we don't offer guarantor options, we specialise in assisting individuals with poor credit. Our aim is to ensure you secure the van you need, even without a guarantor or a deposit.

Specialist Help for Self-Employed Individuals

Self-employed and seeking van finance with bad credit? We're here to assist. Even if mainstream lenders have refused finance, our team specialises in catering to the self-employed.

At Autodosh, we believe everyone deserves a chance to own a reliable van. Whether you're exploring Luton van finance, seeking no deposit options, or navigating van finance as a self-employed individual, our expertise spans over 30 years, guiding you towards van ownership.

Ready to drive your van dream despite bad credit? Get a quote today and let Autodosh pave the way to your van adventure.